Real Estate


Bendit Weinstock is proud to represent the New Jersey Real Estate community. Our attorneys regularly handle residential and commercial closings. We have been serving the needs of the real estate community for many years. We represent clients in real estate deals including banks, developers, hoteliers, medical professionals and first time home buyers. Our clients rely on our ability to effectively negotiate transactions in a manner necessary to close deals. We pride ourselves on our ability to effectively and efficiently represent our real estate clients, whether in a transaction or through litigation.

We represent clients in all phases of real estate development including in the following types of matters:

▪ Commercial Closings
▪ Residential Closings
▪ Commercial Property Refinancing
▪ Buy and Sell transactions
▪ Commercial Property landlord tenant issues
▪ Construction lending
▪ Construction litigation
▪ Contract negotiations
▪ Environmental issues
▪ Financing transactions
▪ Land use issues
▪ Planning and Zoning Board Presentations
▪ Real Estate litigation
▪ Zoning regulation and litigation

Our clients range from business owners who are purchasing triple net properties, hotels, franchises, parcels of land, developers of high-end residential properties to individuals and families buying or selling their homes. If you are in the need of a real estate attorney, please contact us to set up an appointment to see how we can fulfill your needs.

For more information regarding your real estate inquiries, contact Partner, Roger Desiderio.